The Law of Attraction Affirmations evolved from  New Thought and New Age terminology, and it refers to  positive thinking  practice and self empowerment, supported by the belief that “a positive mental attitude assisted by affirmations will achieve success in anything.”  more specifically, an affirmation is a carefully tailored statement that is repeated to one’s self frequently. Speaking affirming words, inner thinking, written affirmations, as viewed images, listening to audio and more… 

In order For anaffirmations to be effective, it has to be in the present tense, specific, positive and personal.
When used frequently enough, affirmations help to reshape the core subconscious beliefs and emotions that may be holding you back. the Law of Attraction positive affirmations encourage consistency, optimism, relaxation and the ability to focus on the vision you wish to create in your life.
Regardless of how you choose to use the Law of Attraction Affirmations, you can design your own Affirmations to reflect your personal vision of how you want your life to develop.
For example, many have great success with audio\video positive affirmations even for only 5 minutes a day. Also speaking affirming words into the mirror before going to sleep or first thing in the morning, will infuse your day with positivity. Stating, for example “My life is filled with abundance”, or “I am grateful for my perfect health” .
Visual affirmations are also an effective method for reminding yourself to stay connected with positive thoughts throughout the day. for example, A note on the fridge, an decorative sign in your home or workspace can help keep your thoughts  positive and stay in the here and now. a “vision board” can be designed to manifest your desires and goals in a visual form.


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