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the Ultimate Success Masterclass

Product Name:
Ultimate Success Masterclass 2.0

Description of Product:
USM 2.0 is an interactive coaching program, that’s completed at the students own pace, and helps people reach their #1 goal that is set at the beginning of the course. It’s on a highly-interactive platform that Mind Movies created in-house, to strategically drip the information to members each week and also remind them via email, text or phone if they haven’t completed their due
tasks, and to motivate them to keep moving forward.

Description :

The program includes a weekly teleseminar call, as well as video and audio trainings, downloadable worksheets, mastery exercises, additional bonuses and access to a community forum, where members can connect directly with Natalie and other “USM’ers” to receive ongoing support.
The 12 modules of the program are:

– Module 1: Create a Positive Vibration
– Module 2: Set a Clear Intention
– Module 3: Create Empowering Affirmations
– Module 4: Activate the LOA
– Module 5: Take Inspired Action
– Module 6: Eliminate Self-Limiting Beliefs
– Module 7: Define Your Core Values
– Module 8: Find Your Passions
– Module 9: Break Through Your Challenges
– Module 10: Use Your Thoughts & Language for Success
– Module 11: Stay Connected to Source
– Module 12: Put It All Together

Sale Price:$477 one-time payment or a multi-payment option.

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