About the author

About the author

Osa Abimelni,
A full time Law of Attraction magnet, and the creator of www.my-lawofattraction.com, I’m thankful for being exited from life !
My-law of attraction IS a blog I dedicate to empowering those who struggle in their life. So many people today are finding it difficult to find a loving relationship with positive communication. Many wish to increase their income, or “just” to do more of what they truly love. 
Feeling as if running in a circle, tiered from a deadened road, is a familiar place for me as well. Nevertheless, Finding the way to success in Achieving your goals doesn’t come from outside solutions, it comes from Your mindset, Your inner thoughts an emotions.

The good news are that today more than ever, it is possible to make a change- in any age.

who am I?

I’m a “normal” woman, who walked the “normal” life track.
In “normal” standards, I’m considered a successful person. Regardless of making a good income, having the “right facilities”… and although I love my family  and I have a beautiful home. I wasn’t  happy with that success for a long time.

My journey

The path wasn’t easy at all. My marriage was in a struggle, my work was not fulfilling any more. something was missing and I didn’t know what it was.
Filled with mixed emotions, I felt out of track, stressed, drained and exhausted. More than that, I wasn’t healthy for a long time. I was full of fear and anxiety, feeling my relationships got out of balance, my kids were having problems in school, what influenced on our home. my work wasn’t solid anymore.
I was in a crisis .

I had two choices:

I could keep in line. continue doing a similar job, work hard in a road that would probably get me more of the same. or i could do what I eventually ended up doing… I decided: “it’s time for me to live on my own terms!”

My choice.

I went on a  journey of personal Growth. Enhancing my education with a  vast range of therapeutic, integrative Holistic knowledge with  scientific approaches.
The journey was about healing myself and my family.

Coming into learning about The Law Of Attraction, I never looked back since. That was a major breakthrough for me! Driven to learn more and go deeper in the ways of the Law Of Attraction, I find myself  exited from experiencing  miracles happening  in my life all the time.

Today I’m grateful for being in a place of abundance . but just seven years ago I was in a completely different place…

During the past years, while working with the law of attraction. I’ve been able to experience first-handed, what works and what doesn’t apply, when it comes to using the law of attraction in order to manifest intentions. I feel so privileged for the opportunity to share with you my inspiration from the Law Of Attraction positive and diversed world.

My goal is to share this blest gift with the world, with you…

Whatever your goal is, whether your looking for abundance, better relationships, greater health, wealth or success with achieving your goals.
You can learn hoe to to make it happen YOUR WISH IS YOUR COMAND ..
I’ve done this myself and it works!!

I am here to help you to realize how to use the power of the law of attraction effectively in order to manifest your life greatest goals .

Enjoy your greater life

With love

Osa Abimelni,


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