My Name is Osa Abimelni,
I’m A “Normal” Woman, Who Walked The “Normal” Life Track.
I Was Doing Well As A Project Manager, Had A Good Income.  Having All The “Right Facilities”. I Have A Loving Family And
A Beautiful Home, A Nice Car… But I Wasn’t Happy.
I Was Working 9 To 17 And I Felt I Wasn’t Spending The Time I Wanted With My Family, Not Doing The Things I Loved.
 I Was Very Stressed And I Wanted Something Else For My Family And For Myself. I Have Struggled With Myself To Apply The Law Of Attraction In My Life But I Felt It Wasn’t Working For Me. I Was Frustrated With My Sense Of Failure, And I Gave Up For A While, Continuing With What I Was Used To Do… But Then, More And More Undermining Events Came My Way. I Almost Gave It Up Completely, Until I Contended A Meaningful Event Which Led Me To Take Control Over My Life. I Was Fired Without Preparation, and althoh I Received Similar Job Offers To What I Was Doing Before, I noticed My Boundaries Were Challenged Again And Again In Every Aspect Of My Life. I Felt Out Of Track. I Knew I Had To Rethink My Path Or That This Path Would Take Me Down! I Had Two Choices: I Could Keep In Line. Continue Doing A Similar Job, Work Hard In A Road That Would Probably Get Me More Of The Same. Or I Could Do What I Eventually Ended Up Doing…
I Decided: “It’s Time For Me To Live On My Own Turmes!” I Went Into A Journey Of Learning And Educating Myself With Different Law Of Attraction New Thought/ New Age Methods, Approaches And Therapies.
I Abandoned The Corporate Slavery Runway And Uncovered The Secret – A Missing Link From The Law Of Attraction Manifestation Puzzle, That I Was Struggling To Find For So Long.
Today I’m Grateful For Being In A Place Of Abundance . But Just Seven Years Ago I Was In A Completely Different Place… During The Past Years, While Working With The Law Of Attraction, I’ve Been Able To Experience First-handed, What Works And What Doesn’t Apply When It Comes To Using The Law Of Attraction In Order To Manifest Intentions.

I Feel So Privileged For The Opportunity To Share With You My Inspiration From The Law Of Attraction Positive Thinking World. My Goal Is To Share This Blest Gift With The World, With You… Whatever Your Goal Is, Whether Your Looking For Abundance, To Better Your Relationship, Greater Health, Wealth Or Success In Any Dream You May Have, I’ve Done This Myself And It Works!! I Am Here To Help You To Realize How To Use The Power Of The Law Of Attraction Effectively In Order To Manifest Your Life Greatest Goals . Enjoy Your Greater Life With Love.

Osa Abimelni,